The Diner

By R. J. Sadler

sfgenreHe sat and sipped his coffee. The vinyl booth squeaked as he shifted in his seat. He couldn’t get comfortable. Wedged between his legs was a bag of money. He clenched the bag discreetly with one hand. His head was killing him.

He continued to sit and quietly sip his coffee. His reflection in the window next to him was distorted but clear enough to see his hair was a mess and his shirt was filthy and dingy. He could hardly remember where he had come from much less where he was going.

He felt an urgency to get moving, but something about this booth kept him lethargic.

He sat hunched over the coffee, continuing to sip. He looked around trying to understand where he was. From what he could see, it was a typical diner with big booths nestled along a large picture window, and running parallel was a long sprawling bar equipped with stools.

“Need a warm-up?” asked the waitress. Startled, he sat up straight and let go of the bag, freeing his hand. He nodded, studying her face and quickly squeezing the bag between his shins. He didn’t find her particularly attractive, but her eyes and her persistent eye contact possessed a strange magnetism. She leaned over him, filled up his coffee, smiled. “Anything else?” she asked politely.

He shook his head no.
As she walked away, he reached down and felt the bag of money.

He heard a loud diesel engine, and glanced out the window. It was a big pickup truck with heightened suspension sitting on monster sized wheels. Down from the big truck stepped a man dressed in weathered black denim. He wore a cowboy hat dipped low, and the angle of the sun obscured his face. There was something familiar about him. The waitress met this dark cowboy outside the front door. As he approached her, her posture shifted. She held a nervous tension in her shoulders. She stood there as the cowboy barked at her. The cowboy kept his back to the window in front of the booth where the other man still sat sipping his coffee. The waitress continued to stand there listening and nodding.

The man in the booth watched, blankly, still sipping his coffee. The dark cowboy turned slightly, still obscuring his face, and pointed right at the man in the booth. Slightly alarmed, the man in the booth sat up rigidly and fumbled for his bag of money. The waitress turned, locked eyes with him briefly, and then returned her attention to the dark cowboy — who climbed back into his truck and drove away.

The man in the booth sat and watched the truck crawl down the endless desert highway until it disappeared into heat waves over the edge of the horizon.

“How much do I owe you?” the man in the booth asked the waitress as she came back inside.

“That was the owner,” she replied. “He said your money’s no good here.”

The man in the booth sat there for a second. He didn’t know what that was supposed to mean. Maybe he did know the dark cowboy. He took one last sip, laid down five dollars anyway, and stood up. He immediately lost his balance and had to lean against the side of the booth for stability. His head still hurt. His steps felt heavy, like walking through mud. He clutched the bag of money as if he was a running back, and powered through to the door.

“Sir,” said the waitress.

He didn’t acknowledge her. He continued for the door, getting closer and closer. “Sir, you can’t just leave!” said the waitress.
He gripped the door handle and pulled. The door opened, but to his surprise he was not greeted by any heat coming from outside: only cool, still air. As he crossed the threshold, he was somehow back in the diner, except everything was backwards. The counter, the booths, the big window were all reversed. He saw only one man sitting alone with his back to the door. The man he saw had a massive head wound that was bleeding profusely. That man was also sipping coffee.

He turned around and went back through the door, back to his seat, and sat down. The waitress came over and handed him his five dollars.

“Sir,” she said, “Here, like I had said, your money is no good here.”

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About The Author

 R. J. Sadler

R.J. Sadler is writer and educator from eastern Pennsylvania. He has been previously published in 365 Tomorrows. He lives with small human-like creatures whose existence challenges his ability to read, write, edit, and keep his home clean. When it comes to his fiction writing, R.J. neither enjoys nor regularly adheres to publishers’ serialized thematic guidelines. He is uncomfortable talking about himself, even in third person.


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